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Synthetic Alcohol Ethoxylate
Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate
Nonyl Phenol Ether
Castor oil ether
Emulsifier Span
Emulsifier Tween
Polyethylene glycol
EO/PO Block Polymer

Name: Adela Wang
Tel: +86-0571-28233910
E-mail: info@hfchems.com
Add: Economy & Technology Development Zone Hangzhou, P.R. China
MSN: hfchemicals@hotmail.com
Skype: hfchemicals
MSN: hfchemicals@hotmail.com SKYPE: hfchemicals

About Us

Hangzhou Zheyu chemicals Co., Ltd is a new type enterprise integrating scientific research, industry and trading. It covers an area of more than 50.000 square meters and professionally manufactures and distribute products of fine chemicals mainly including surface active-based textile printing&dyeing auxiliaries, polyether polyol series products.
Depending on perfect production equipment, strong technical resources, advanced processing technology and complete testing facilities, it has become one of the top suppliers in nonionic surfactant area.
With a comprehensive productive capacity of up to 48000 tons including synthetic Alcohol-polyoxyethylene Ether, fatty alcohol-polyoxyethylene ether,nonyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether, Castor oil polyoxyethylene ether , polyethylene glycol, emulsifier Span & Tween, which are widely used in textile printing & dyeing, detergents, medicines, agricultural pesticides, chemical fertilizers, foodstuff, paper making, leathers, coating stuffs, metal processing, environmental protection, cosmetics, daily chemicals, waterproof and leaking block-up.
The company adheres to the tenet that “quality first and the customer foremost”and has passed the reviewed certification of ISO9001-2000.
Zheyu Chemicals also establishes vast overseas market network in regions like Africa, America, Europe, West Asia, and Southeast Asia and so on.
Highly appreciate your supports and warmly welcome to visit and cooperate with us.

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